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Electricity, Controls & Troubleshooting

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Learn About Electricity And Controls 4

That's All There Is To It: Wiring And Circuits 6

Switches Is Just Switches 8

Series Circuits 10

Parallel Vs. Series Circuits 12

It’s Picture Time: Wiring Diagrams 14

Where Does The Extra Electricity Go? 20

The Human Electrical Circuit 29

Wires, Cords And Cables 32

Wall Outlets & Service Panels 35

Volts, Amps & Watts 38

Wall Outlets 41

Inside the Walls—Wall Switches and Light Fixtures 44

The Mystery Unveiled —

Three-Way & Four-Way Switches 47

 Everything Is Electronic 50

Scared Of Electricity 53

Why The Electric Chair Is AC ... And Other Mysteries 56




A Thermostat Is Just A Switch 58

Anticipation 60

What, No Mercury?! 62

Switches In Series: The Safety Committee 64

Aquastats 67

Aquastat Relays — What’s A Differential Anyway? 69

Control Circuits As A Foreign Language 73

Controls & House Wiring 75



Troubleshooting With Wyoming Jack 77

Meters & Troubleshooting 85

How To Use A Troubleshooting Chart 87

Troubleshooting Outlets And Switches 89

When Wet Heat Dries Out 91

Combustion Analysis 94

To Condense Or Not To Condense 96

Outdoor Reset Control 98

Modulation 100

Soldering 102

Threads 105

The New Market For Solar 108





Sometimes You Just Need A Nap 110

Hands On! The Back Row Boys 113

The Big Mouth Up Front 115

Training Adults & Technicians 117

Is It Spare Parts Or Junk? 119

Blue Collar Roots, White Collar Dreams 123

Life On The Technical Hot Line 125

Where Are The Newbies? 129

What Business Are We In -- Emergency Or Comfort? 131

That Retail Stuff 133

Pig Lady 135

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